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Capacity Builder. Equity Consultant. Public Speaker.


Vic owes their knowledge and analysis to those who preceded them, including members of the Duwamish Tribe, whose long history of environmental advocacy continues today.

An Advocate for Transformation

Vic is an advocate hailing from Occupied Duwamish Land, also called Seattle. Vic's understanding of advocacy has been heavily informed by the movements of Seattle, including the Duwamish Tribe's fight against pollution, the Black Panther Party's Establishment of the Free Breakfast Program, the Asian American movement's fight for equitable housing and the occupation of El Centro de La Raza.

As a result of this legacy, Vic prioritizes multiracial solidarity and attention to dismantling hierarchies of oppression within communities of color.

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Rooted in Vibrant Communities

Currently, Vic is a Capacity Building Lead at RVC Seattle. Vic will support grassroots nonprofit partners through culturally responsive coaching, consulting and training based on their organizational needs.


Previously, Vic was the Greenlining Institute's Environmental Equity Fellow, centering communities on the frontlines of climate change. 


Vic has been recognized by various entities for their racial justice advocacy, including Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Indiana University, and Seattle University.

Due to their experiences as a community organizer in a redlined neighborhood, they have organized in multiple areas that affected the living conditions of communities of color. They offer consultation to groups on external strategy such as trauma-informed community engagement, power analysis, and coalition building. They also offer internal coaching on generative conflict, leadership development, and power dynamics.

To understand multiple landscapes of advocacy, Vic has firsthand experience in grassroots organizing, community-based organizations, and federal agencies. Due to their first-hand experience in grassroots organizing and community-based organizations, Vic seeks to understand the real struggles and joys of advocates of color on a daily basis.

As a coach, Vic brings a bird's eye perspective of seeing how interpersonal relationships are connected to systemic issues, and one must contend with both to build sustainable, thriving communities. 

Vic's other interests include making environmental justice memes, seeing how plants and animals (including humans) change over time, and smelling flowers.


While at the Greenlining Institute, Vic served as an equity consultant with the City of Santa Cruz to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Vic evaluated city's Climate Action Program and held trainings for city leadership. The city's Climate Action Program proceeded to compensate 6 BIPOC groups for the first time, to build the capacity of communities of color to respond to climate threats.


Legislative Advocacy

Read Vic's blog on why governmental investments must prioritize frontline communities.


Learn more about Vic in this book

Vic's story of racial justice is featured in "Tell Me Who You Are," the first publication of its kind. This racial literacy textbook featured stories of racial justice advocates from across the United States. You can learn more here.


Vic had the honor of moderating a national conversation on how environmental racism intersects with COVID-19 disparities for Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. 

Watch here:


Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Princeton University invited Vic to receive an award for their work on promoting racial justice in the Seattle Public Schools District. They were recognized for their work on investigating racial discrimination in their district and helping launch restorative justice programs. You can watch their speech here.


Queer/Trans Youth of Color Organizing

During the COVID-19 crisis, Vic witnessed how queer/trans youth of color without internet access faced increased violence. Vic worked as a youth organizer at API Chaya to pass a Seattle City Council resolution to implement Internet for All Seattle, a vision of enabling all Seattle residents to access and adopt broadband internet service that is reliable and affordable.


Watch Vic's Earth Day Keynote

You can watch Vic's presentation on the origins of the environmental justice movement, the modern-day impact of federal segregation in the East Bay and Contra Costa County, as well as local action items. 


Read about Vic's Federal Advocacy

Read this spotlight from the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership about working at the United States Department of Agriculture.


Connect with Vic

Typically, Vic accepts requests for speaking engagements, facilitation, and consultations. Currently, Vic is only accepting consultant work with community-based organizations that are partners in RVC's operation support or fellowship program. If you're interested in learning more or partnering with RVC in the future, feel free to email

For individuals, especially youth of color who are seeking support or  coaching in their advocacy, feel free to contact Vic on LinkedIn!

Vic has extensive experience in designing engaging workshops and customizing presentations to unique audiences.

Over 10 years of organizing, Vic has hosted political education workshops ranging from the role of governmental redlining in creating modern-day segregation, to introductions to environmental racism, to workshops introducing community organizing and advocacy.

Vic believes that all people are affected by unjust systems, and all people can create change. As a result of Vic's approach towards movement building, Vic seeks to understand people of different life experiences. Throughout Vic's journey, they have adapted to audiences as young as preschoolers to elderly clients. They have facilitated events and presentations related to topics such as environmental racism in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

They have hosted international audiences such as from Japan in Seattle in addition to presenting in Chengdu, China. They have customized equity initiatives with the United States Forest Service as a community liaison and at the Federal level with the US Department of Agriculture. Vic believes in meeting people where they're at, witnessing who they are, and supporting their leadership development.


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